DBA PAT makes your testing as simple and stress-free as possible. Our engineers are highly skilled both in their testing ability and customer services – that’s why we do everything we can to ensure we’re discreet and cause little or no inconvenience to you, your staff or tenants.

With DBA PAT your peace of mind is assured. Our Testing Procedure is clear and we always look for ways to make sure we cause minimal disruption during testing.

DBA PAT testing procedure

1.      Introduction and communication schedule

At the start of a test, our engineers will discuss and agree the schedule of testing, necessary equipment shutdowns and staff involvement with the Health & Safety Manager (or equivalent).

2.      Testing

Testing will include all electrical equipment and appliances (as described in What is a Portable Appliance?) and will be carried out under the IEE’s In-service Inspection and Testing Code of Practice.

3.      We will inspect:

  • - The Plug which will be opened to ensure the cable is secure and is correctly wired, the fuse is correct for the appliance and in good condition.
  • - The Flex to check for signs of damage, cuts and wear-and-tear.
  • - The Appliance to check its working order, that its on/off switch works and its casing for damage.

4.      The Tests

Polarity (on extension cables and supply leads)

Earth Continuity

Insulation Resistance

Operational Test

Earth Leakage

5.      Labelling

Each appliance that passes the PAT test will be “mark and seal” labelled with the Appliance ID and retest date. Any appliances or equipment failing the test will be labelled “DO NOT USE – Failed Safety Test”.

6.      Document Management

All documents will be issued after the completion of the test, usually within 5 working days. These include:

Appliance Register – a log of all appliances and equipment tested.

Pass Certificates – details of test results for equipment that passed testing

Fail Certificates – details of appliances that failed the test and reasons/recommendations

Display Certificate – for public display to show your compliance with electrical safety

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